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I’ve posted about the lunacy of texting & driving repeatedly.  Here’s a link to some of my previous  recent posts on this subject. Most of what I have had to say on this subject, is, of course, in written format in this blog.  But despite my efforts and the efforts of many other professionals in […]

I’ve blogged here several times previously about the dangers of texting and driving – actually, of any smart phone use while driving.  But most of my posts have had to do with the everyday drivers out there – known legally as “private passenger vehicle operators.” As annoying as it is to look at the car […]

In my previous post on this subject, I discussed how Scott Tibbitts, a chemical and space engineer who previously designed motors and technology for NASA, formed a company named Katasi to find a way to tackle the problem of preventing people from texting while driving. Mr. Tibbitts devoted his time and energies to this task, […]

Readers of this blog know that I’ve posted many times on the subject of Massachusetts texting and driving accidents – pleading with drivers to put down that smart phone when behind the wheel. Despite the numerous deaths and injuries that have resulted, human behavior just doesn’t seem to change: People think they can do this, […]

The lunacy of people using their smartphones while they drive, continues unabated. This problem has become far more than a “bad habit” – it’s almost as serious a problem as drunk driving. In fact, it’s very similar: A drunk or drugged driver is mentally, neurologically, and physically impaired. Someone using a smartphone is little different: […]

The Involuntary Manslaughter conviction 6 weeks ago of Michelle Carter, in the texting-suicide death of Conrad Roy III, has generated international attention.  I’ve written previously in my Massachusetts criminal law blog about why I believe this conviction was sound and supported by both the law and the facts.  I’m writing this post today in my […]

I love what I do for work, but sometimes it just amazes me how – sorry to be so blunt – downright stupid some people can be. How stupid, you ask? How about driving a car while you’re dialing, talking, or texting on a smart phone? But don’t a lot of people do it, you […]

In my work as a Boston car accident lawyer, I have seen firsthand the devastation that is caused by accidents – everything from distracted driving to drunk driving. Texting, talking on cellphones, eating, applying makeup – these are all threats to everyone’s safety, when done when you are sitting in the driver’s seat. But now, […]

You think Spooky World is going to scare you this Halloween? As a Boston Massachusetts distracted driving accident lawyer, I can tell you three frightening stories of what happens when you practice distracted driving on the road. Texting and driving are two words that should never, ever be spoken together – and certainly never practiced […]

I’ve blogged here repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving. So today’s post isn’t so much about the inherent and obvious dangers of texting and driving – or phoning and driving – or web surfing and driving – or any form of distracted driving. For anyone who still doesn’t get it, those dangers are […]

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