Texting & Driving: Do U Get It Now?

I’ve posted about the lunacy of texting & driving repeatedly.  Here’s a link to some of my previous  recent posts on this subject.

Most of what I have had to say on this subject, is, of course, in written format in this blog.  But despite my efforts and the efforts of many other professionals in the legal and public safety fields, this problem continues, unchecked.  Thinking that perhaps people just can’t or don’t get the important message of not texting or using a cell phone when driving, by only reading something, I thought readers might get the point more viscerally, through a video.  As a Massachusetts distracted driving lawyer, I know first-hand how important it is that people cease this insanity – yesterday.    Therefore, take 3 minutes to watch this video on the insanity – and even cruelty – of texting while driving:

Now Do U Get it?

The very unfortunate woman whose life was forever lessened by a distracted driver, had to be prepresented by a very talented texting and driving injury lawyer — but that won’t give her back the quality of life she had before this tragic accident.  If you know of someone who has been victimized this way by a person who was texting or using a cell phone while driving, seek out the best lawyer that you can.

In the meantime, put that phone down when you’re in a car.  U Got it?  For those of you whose cell carrier is ATT Mobility, they’ve really led the way among cell phone carriers, in trying to get his message across.  Their awareness campaign is called “It Can Wait.”  What can’t wait is for everyone reading this to get this message and stop this near-homicidal behavior, now.