Massachusetts Car-Bus Accident Stuns Students and Parents

It’s always a sad situation when there is a Massachusetts car crash, and one would think that the only thing worse than that is a Massachusetts car-bus crash. Now factor in the fact that the accident involved four Kingston students – on the very day of their Junior Prom – and you have a horrible situation that instills even more grief in everyone.

The Kingston car-bus accident took place on Lake Street this past Friday morning at 7:15AM. Four students – three girls and one boy – were headed to school, when apparently, the red BMW carrying the four students crossed over the double yellow line. They then crashed into the front grill of the school bus.

The four students involved in this Kingston car-bus crash were taken to Silver Lake Regional High School’s football field, where they were then taken by helicopter to Boston hospitals. The only student identified in the crash was one Monica Knight, who, according to a spokesperson for the South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, said that Knight was in fair condition. No information on the other students is currently available. The injured students are from Halifax and Plympton.

The Kingston bus-car accident was so heartbreakingly sad to students that about 300 school students were signed out early, by their parents, on Friday. Some still went to the Silver Lake Regional High School prom that night, although any junior who was too upset to attend the junior prom that night can use their tickets to attend the senior prom on May 18.

Any kind of car accident like this is devastating. Your life can change in an instant. And at this point, it’s still not clear what caused this Kingston car-bus crash .

As a Massachusetts car accident lawyer, I hate to say it, but the truth of the matter is that being injured in a Massachusetts automobile accident is, statistically, one of the most likely events to happen over your lifetime. That’s not very reassuring, is it? Unfortunately, other than being the best driver you can be, there’s not much you can do about it. So many vehicles are on Massachusetts’ roads, that vehicular accidents are just going to happen. And when they do, you’ve got two tons of steel and glass hitting your car with tremendous force.

We send out best wishes out to the students who survived this devastating crash and hope they make it to the senior prom in May. It will be a bittersweet celebration.