Massachusetts Car Crash Leads To Fatality

Last Sunday, a Massachusetts car accident led to yet another Massachusetts car crash fatality.

On Sunday morning at 3:30 AM, one Ashleigh Baudin, 25, of Methuen, crashed into the rear of a truck that was parked in the breakdown lane of I-93, with its emergency flashers on. For some reason that is still undetermined, Baudin’s 2005 Volkswagen Beetle drifted into the breakdown lane, smashing into the truck. Ms. Baudin was pronounced dead at the scene.

As a Massachusetts car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear of this case. It just goes to show you that you must always be alert when driving, because danger does indeed lurk around every corner, literally, if you are not careful.

I’ve said it before — being injured in an automobile accident is probably one of the likeliest things to happen in your life. That’s upsetting to know, isn’t it? With so many cars, trucks and motorcycles on Massachusetts’ roads, it’s just a statistical probability that a Massachusetts vehicular accident is going to occur, and sometimes when you least expect it. Case in point: After Ms. Baudin’s accident, a police cruiser, with its emergency lights activated, and a tow truck, responded to Ms. Baudin’s fatal Massachusetts car accident, and parked in a special emergency coned-off area nearby.

Just minutes after Ms. Baudin’s death, a man named Albert Vasquez, operating his Toyota Camry, veered into the coned-off area, striking the police cruiser, with its emergency lights activated, and the tow truck.

Vasquez was charged with Massachusetts driving under the influence of alcohol/DUI and negligent operation. He was held on $10,000 cash bail.