Massachusetts Car Accident Results in Deaths On Vineyard

There’s an old saying that “Curiosity killed the cat,” and I’m sorry to report that in this situation, that old adage is true.

It happened on Martha’s Vineyard, where a driver’s curiosity about the former estate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis got the best of her, and sadly, resulted in her death, and that of another woman, due to a Massachusetts car accident. A third woman sustained minor injuries.

One Judith Morse, 70 years old, of West Tisbury, was backing her SUV, a 2000 Land Cruiser, down the Kennedy estate’s private driveway at Red Gate Farm in Aquinnah, when she suddenly struck a tree. Disoriented, Morse next tried to drive forward, but her vehicle then struck an electrical box, along with a porch attached to a garage. Morse then traveled up a hill and had a head-on collision with a tree. Morse and a second woman, Susan Lombard, 69, were killed in the crash. In the rear was another passenger, who received minor injuries.

The three women did not have permission to be on the private property. State Police Sergeant Thomas Medeiros said that they probably figured that since it was March, they could just visit the property and poke around without incident.

As a Dedham, Massachusetts car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear of these devastating circumstances and consequences. A Massachusetts car accident here was certainly the last thing of the mind of these three women, who just probably intended to do a little sightseeing. Maybe they were even a little star struck. But it just goes to show you that a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident can occur anytime, any day, and when you least expect it. Here was an innocent ride out of curiosity that resulted in disaster.

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