Massachusetts Construction Site Drywall Accident Yields $550,000 Settlement

As a Boston and Dedham construction site accident lawyer I know all too well that construction site accidents can be dangerous – and devastating. It’s interesting – most people who work on construction sites mistakenly sometimes believe that they can’t claim financial damages if they are injured, as the sites are inherently dangerous. But they are wrong. And if you are injured, it is wise and prudent to take your case to a Boston injury lawyer who can argue your case for personal injury and see that you are awarded the financial damages you deserve.

Here’s one more example why. Recently, a construction worker injury case resulted in a $550,000 settlement following mediation. The case was brought against both the construction site general contractor and a subcontractor. The plaintiff, a 37 year-old Massachusetts man, was working as an apprentice plumber at a job site. During the course of his workday, a large stack of drywall that had been stored in a hallway and weighed 85 to 110 pounds, fell on top of him. As a result. he experienced substantial injuries to his right leg that included tibial and fibular fractures, which required surgery.

The plumber alleged that the subcontractor who put the 14-sheet drywall in the hallway had improperly stored it, thus creating a “foreseeable hazard.” As mentioned above, the plaintiff also brought claims against the general contractor, alleging that the general contractor had failed to adequately coordinate the work and inspect the job site.

However, the defendants denied any negligence on their part. They argued that the drywall sheets were leaning against a corridor wall prior to their installation in accordance with industry practice.

The defendants claimed that the plaintiff’s own actions likely caused the drywall sheets to fall on him. They alleged that the plaintiff tried to move the drywall to perform his work, a claim the plaintiff denied.

Yet, the plaintiff was awarded a substantial financial settlement, and his case had a successful outcome.

As a Dedham injury lawyer, let me again state that all parties involved in a construction site project – including the property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and even machinery and equipment suppliers – all have a responsibility to make sure that their construction site is as safe as possible.