For Kickham Legal Injury Clients: COVID 19 Preparedness

While we’ve all been hearing about Coronavirus for the past two weeks or so, this past week has seen the most drastic and impacting of events surrounding this subject.  Seemingly, almost everything has been shut down around us: Important government offices & agencies, colleges & universities , grammar & high schools, sports games, businesses left & right. Uncertainty seems to be the order of the day, and unfortunately, it may continue to be this way for some time.

Regardless of this virus and the measures being taken to deal with it, people will still suffer accidents and injuries during this period of uncertainty. As a result, our office has been receiving a lot of calls from existing and potential new clients, wanting to know if they could still meet with me as their cases move forward, or if other legal problems suddenly develop. The answer is, yes.  No one here has tested positive for this virus, and so long as clients that need to meet with me also have not tested positive for this virus, I am happy to meet with you at your home, as my website advertises, and obviously also speak with you by phone. No one who is facing a serious legal problem or issue should delay speaking with or meeting with an attorney due to this present issue.

In addition, the Massachusetts Trial Court has issued Standing Orders that limit in-court appearances to emergency matters that cannot be heard through videoconferencing or teleconferencing and those notices can be found by clicking here.

For clients suffering a bodily injury: While hospitals are never an ideal place to spend a lot of time in, if you or a loved one has been injured, don’t refrain from going to an E.R. or Urgent Care Center, if you need to. If you delay such medical attention, the liability insurance company that we would seek compensation from for your injuries, would almost certainly claim that you weren’t very seriously injured from the incident that occurred, and this would impact your case negatively.

In the meantime, as I’m sure you know, you’re in good hands. Call any time, and take care until we speak.