Attleboro, Massachusetts Car Accident Kills Man and 3 Year-Old

You don’t have to look far to see the terrible tragedies that occur every day as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts.

This past Saturday (June 20 2009,) both a 3-year-old child and a man were killed when they were thrown from their sport utility vehicle in an accident on Interstate 95 in Attleboro, Mass. Shortly after 5:30 p.m on Saturday a green 1997 Ford Explorer, carrying four adults and two children, collided with a 1996 Chevrolet operated by a 19-year-old Pawtucket, R.I., woman in the center lane of I-95 between exits 2 and 3, according to a preliminary investigation conducted by Massachusetts State Police. The Explorer rolled over, fatally injuring the man and child and ejecting as many as three occupants, before coming to rest on the left lane of the three-lane highway. Rescue workers transported three adults and another juvenile to area hospitals with injuries. In addition to the two dead, a third person also suffered potentially life-threatening injuries, according to authorities. Ironically – and depending on who was responsible for this accident – the driver of the Chevrolet was not injured. While the crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, no amount of investigation will bring back the dead from this tragedy, or console their families and loved ones.

This is a horrible story, made worse by the sight of children’s toys strewn over the accident scene from the car carrying the 3 year-old, as broken as the human bodies that lay at the scene. If stories like this can serve to do any good at all, it will be to: 1) First and foremost, urge drivers to drive defensively and carefully; 2) Always wear seat belts; and 3) Never, ever text or become distracted with PDA’s or cell phones (note: There is no evidence yet that cell phones, texting or PDA’s were involved.) Those inviolable rules will help you prevent or avoid a motor vehicle accident tragedy of your own. However, there is one other message that such an incident can remind people of, and that is of the paramount importance, if you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident, of choosing the best motor vehicle accident attorney you possibly can. No lawyer can turn back time and prevent that which has already taken place. But the right personal injury lawyer can and will make sure that your legal right to financial compensation for what you have lost or suffered, is maximized to the fullest extent possible under Massachusetts law.

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Drive Safely.