Massachusetts Car Accidents and Health Insurance: Quick Q&A

Despite the new Massachusetts Universal Health Insurance law being in place for over a year now, a good number of people still don’t know how their medical bills are paid for if they are injured in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident. Here’s a quick background:

Under the law governing Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents, the automobile insurance company that insured the car that you were in when the accident occurred, is the insurer that is responsible for paying for your medical bills up to an amount of $2,000.00. If you were not in a car when the accident happened, but were a pedestrian or riding a bicycle, then the first $2,000.00 in medical bills is paid for by the auto insurance company that insured the car that hurt you.

The section of the auto insurance policy which covers that first $2,000.00 in medical bills is known as Personal Injury Protection, or “PIP”. In the event your bills related to medical care exceed $2,000.00, those bills greater than that amount are submitted to your health insurance carrier, to be paid by them. This process is known as “Coordination of Benefits”. If you do not have any health insurance when the accident occurred, despite the mandatory Universal Health Insurance Law in Massachusetts, or if your health insurer denies payment for these bills, your “PIP” insurance should cover those bills up to a total of $8,000.00. This can be confusing, so if you’re injured in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident, call us and we can help you sort these questions out. As a law firm that specializes in Massachusetts personal injury law, we can advise you as to the insurance specifics that apply to your situation, and assist you with the forms required to submit bills to the appropriate “PIP” carrier.

In the meantime, drive safely – and don’t text or use your cell phone when driving.