What’s A Massachusetts Injury Case Worth? – Part 2 of 2

In my previous post on this subject, I wrote about how many people who suffer an injury or accident due to someone else’s negligence, often don’t seek the advice of an attorney experienced in this area of law, because they think their cause “doesn’t qualify.” That’s unfortunate, because the law provides such people with legal rights to in many circumstances seek compensation for their injuries under the Massachusetts laws of negligence.

Another frequently overlooked type of accident, in which people simply “stick it out” without talking to a lawyer – is Massachusetts slip and fall accident. This is one of the most common accidents that people can suffer, and they can occur on someone’s private property (say, at someone’s home) or, more frequently, at a store or a business. There is absolutely no reason that you should suffer often serious injuries from a slip and fall accident, and not try to secure financial damages to compensate you. Broken wrists, fractured ankles, back spasms, nerve damage – these and other kinds of serious injuries can last for years if not a lifetime, and should be viewed lightly.

Many people (of course) also simply do not understand product liability law. This area of law covers almost every product marketed in the United States, whether it’s an automobile (remember the Ford Pinto?), a defective pool slide, or a children’s toy that has dangerous manufacturer’s defects. A skilled Massachusetts product liability attorney will make sure that you receive financial damages you deserve for any injuries you suffer due to the negligence of a person or a business.

Construction workers are yet another example of people who frequently do not file personal injury claims with a Massachusetts construction site accident lawyer. Many of them think that they have no rights because their working environment is already too dangerous – but they are wrong. All kinds of construction site accidents fall into the category of personal injury, and it makes no sense to ignore the fact that you can claim financial damages for your Massachusetts construction site injury.

Lastly, many ordinary people assume that their doctor could not make a mistake, when nowadays, medical malpractice is all too common. While I’ve represented several medical negligence victims in a professional capacity, on a personal level my wife and I lost a dear friend to melanoma, resulting from her doctor’s failure to diagnose the condition. Despite this, she simply refused to file a medical negligence lawsuit. She eventually died from the disease, and her poor husband had no recourse other than to just “take it,” when he could have received financial damages to compensate for a terrible tragedy that was preventable. Certainly, no amount of money will not bring back your beloved whom you have lost – but a payment of financial damages can help to bear some of the terrible financial burden that the loss of a loved one can inevitably bring.

Don’t let yourself make these same kinds of mistakes. If you’ve been injured, don’t make the injury worse by failing to contact a skilled Dedham-Westwood injury attorney.