Westwood Hit-and-Run Accident Leaves Woman With Critical Injuries

If you’re a pedestrian, remember – in general, you typically have the right of way. And yet, many drivers don’t understand or know this principle, and last night in Westwood, a 26-year-old pedestrian crossing the street was seriously injured by a driver.

Jillian Belanger was struck by a car Monday night, June 18th, in Westwood, in front of Roche Brothers Supermarkets, as she walked her dog across the road near 400 Washington Street in the Islington section of Westwood. As a Westwood resident, I drive this road every day. It’s normally considered relatively safe.

The vehicle that struck Ms. Belanger has not been located, although surveillance cameras on Washington Street show a small white sedan driving down Washington Street towards Norwood, shortly after the incident that occurred around 8:52PM. The vehicle fled the scene without stopping, Westwood Police said Tuesday morning. Based on what I’ve been told about this accident by people in a position to know, the impact of the collision was severe, and the victim’s dog was killed in the accident. Further, the area is well-lit. The point: The driver who hit this woman would all but certainly had to have been aware of it. To hit a person with your car and leave them near death in the street, is pretty much beyond comprehension. I hope this driver is either found, or turns him or herself in, and fast.

Ms. Belanger was taken by ambulance to a Boston hospital, and at this writing, is still hospitalized in serious condition.

If you, or someone you love, has been injured in a Massachusetts pedestrian-car accident, you may be entitled to receive financial damages for lost wages, medical bills for treatment and medications as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses. In addition, if your medical expenses exceed $2,000, you can seek damages to compensate you for physical and mental pain and suffering. Should you suffer a personal injury, seek out an experienced Boston-Dedham injury lawyer.

In the meantime, as always, watch yourself.