Wareham Car Accident Kills Man

I’d like to remind everyone out there to always wear your seat belt. As a Norfolk County car accident lawyer, I know that seat belts save lives, and it’s just plain foolish not to buckle up. Think about it – what is so awful about being held snug and tight by a seat belt, which you can always unbuckle if needed? And yet, too many people out there drive their motor vehicles and don’t do the smartest thing they can do to protect themselves against Massachusetts car accidents.

It’s unfortunate that two specific people could have heard these words, because there was a Wareham car accident homicide on Saturday night, in which one man was killed, another required the Jaws of Life, and Massachusetts State Police reported that neither driver was wearing his seatbelt.

Christopher Elicier, 43, was enroute to his night job at Taunton State Hospital when his car was allegedly hit head-on by another man, Phendy Pamphile, 26. For some reason, Mr. Pamphile was allegedly driving the wrong way on the northbound side of Interstate 495 in Wareham. Police said that Mr. Pamphile’s car crashed into Mr. Elicier’s around 10:20PM on Saturday night. As a result of the Wareham car accident, Mr. Elicier was ejected from his Hyundai and pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Mr. Pamphile was trapped inside his Lexus and needed the Jaws of Life to be removed. As of Sunday afternoon, he was listed in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital.

Currently, an investigation is being conducted as to why Mr. Pamphile was driving in the wrong direction. Right now, according to State Police, there is no indication of Mr. Pamphile being intoxicated by alcohol, but it has not been ruled out. If he is perhaps arrested and charged with Wareham driving under the influence DUI, serious penalties would result if he is convicted.