Walpole Motorcycle-Car Accident Kills Norfolk County Deputy Sheriff

He was known for his Hollywood good looks, his skills as a motorcyclist, and was nothing but a positive force in the Norfolk County Sheriff’s office.

But Deputy Sheriff Ryan Tvelia, 42, was killed in a Walpole motorcycle accident this past Tuesday, on Interstate 95. Mr. Tvelia was in uniform, and was riding his department-issued Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He was enroute to Quincy, to serve in an honor guard at a funeral for the mother of a corrections officer. Mr. Tvelia’s motorcycle collided with one car, and then was also struck by a second car. The Walpole motor vehicle accidents occurred near Exit 11 on Interstate 95.

Mr. Tvelia had worked as a corrections officer, and was part of the transportation unit that transported inmates between the Dedham jail and courthouses.

As a Walpole car and motorcycle accident lawyer, I am saddened to hear of this news. But the sad truth is that the statistics show that you are very likely to be injured in a car accident over the course of your lifetime. That’s always upsetting to hear. Other than being the best driver you can be, there’s not much you can do about it. So many cars, motorcycles and trucks travel on America’s roads, that accidents are simply going to happen – usually when you least expect it.

And when it comes to Walpole and Massachusetts motorcycle accidents, there’s more bad news: In the state of Massachusetts, there is a legislative distaste towards motorcyclists who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. How does this manifest itself? This is most blatantly seen when reimbursement of medical expenses and lost wages are denied to motorcyclists who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. Medical expenses and lost wages are not denied to standard auto insurance policyholders.