Recent Practice Development: Atty. William D. Kickham Admitted to United States Supreme Court

While this blog’s purpose is to help clients, media and the public better understand important legal issues affecting criminal law and injury law in Massachusetts, my post today has to do with some bragging rights.

On March 4 2019, I was sworn in at the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. to become a member and officer of the Court.  The ceremony took part along with other selected members of the bar and Suffolk University Law School.  Obviously, I was very proud of this accomplishment, as not every practicing attorney is admitted as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. A nomination to the Court must first be submitted by a sponsor who is a member of the Court, and certain credentialing criteria have to be first met before the nominee will be considered.  This accomplishment distinguishes me as having reached a very high level of professional achievement and credentialing in my fields of practice, and I would be displaying false modesty if I said it was “no big deal.”  But I would never have had the chance to achieve this level of professional recognition, if a lot of people along the way hadn’t invested their confidence in me as an attorney and an individual.  Those people range from my clients of many years ago to my clients of today, to fellow attorneys, and to mentors that I looked up to.  In life, we all provide each other wisdom, professional and personal.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to produce the superior legal results that I do for my clients.

I hope that this career accomplishment instills even further confidence in people to turn to me when they have a legal problem or issue that needs the counsel of an effective and experienced Massachusetts attorney, especially in the fields of injury/accident law and criminal defense law.  There are a great many lawyers and law firms to choose from these days, and I’m flattered each time someone calls me to represent them or to provide them legal counsel.

Here are few pictures of me and my beautiful wife, Debbi Kickham, at the Supreme Court ceremonies.