Patients Injured By Defective Hip Implants Should Seek Experienced Massachusetts Defective Hip Implant Law Firm

Almost everyone these days knows someone who has had a hip replacement; this type of surgery has become very common.

The problem is, many of the hip implants that were manufactured for this surgery, were defective and caused unwitting patients to suffer serious complications. Certain implants were recalled due to patient safety issues, and class action litigation on behalf of injured patients was commenced a couple of years ago against the manufacturer of these defective hip implants, known commonly as “Stryker implants.” The corporate name of the manufacturer is Howmedica Osteonics Corp. (“Stryker.”)

Last November 3, 2014, Stryker announced the formation of a National Settlement Program for affected patients who had received selected Stryker implants, and who met certain criteria. Stryker invited patients who had received the “Rejuvenate” and “ABG II” hip systems to participate in the settlement program, but also required that substantially all other eligible patients participate. Stryker offered the settlement program only to patients who have had their Stryker implant removed prior to November 3, 2014; who registered with the program online by December 16, 2014; and who enroll in the program by a deadline was extended to March 30, 2015.

The problem with Stryker’s program is that it is far too confusing for any patient to participate in, who is not represented by an experienced defective hip implant law firm. There are many patients injured by these defective hip implants who may not be aware of their legal rights and options, and dealing with a multi-billion dollar medical device manufacturer alone, without an experienced medical device attorney by your side, is a prescription for disaster. Because of the very complicated legal issues and procedures involved in this type of defective medical products litigation, any patient who has received a Stryker hip implants should immediately seek legal advice and counsel from an experienced defective hip implant attorney. This includes hip implant patients who:

1) May not yet be not eligible for this settlement program because they have not yet had their hip replaced;
2) Mistakenly believe that they have forfeited their rights to receive damages because they did not yet register or enroll in the program; or
3) Who have claims that need to be evaluated by a competent Massachusetts defective hip implant law firm, in order to determine whether they can receive damages under the settlement program.

Because of the manner in which Stryker has announced this settlement program, there are many patients who are still not aware of this defective hip implant recall. Other eligible patients may have been led to believe that their Stryker hip implant will not have to be removed, when it may need to be. Many patients may have substantial damages claims and require an experienced Boston defective hip implant law firm to represent their legal interests. These patients must speak with an expert Boston defective hip implant law firm before the statute of limitations prevents their claims from being acted on.

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