MBTA Bus-Trailer Accident in Roxbury

Yesterday’s Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus accident, and a parked movie trailer, injured 15 people, although none of the passengers was seriously injured. This illustrates how many people can be injured in a single bus accident
As a Boston injury attorney, I know that an MBTA bus accident such as this one could have had devastating consequences.

The MBTA bus was operating on Route 28. It had just left Dudley Station and was headed south on Dudley Street, near to where the road curves around the Boston Public Library’s Dudley Branch. Ahead stood a 45-foot movie trailer, which stood in the parking lane in front of the Roxbury Municipal Court. By all accounts it was legally parked.

The right side of the bus rammed the rear left corner of the trailer, causing the bus to crumple. The operator of the bus was 33 years old and a five-year MBTA employee. One person, who was part of the movie production team, was inside the movie trailer when the bus struck. He was later taken to a hospital but the injuries did not appear to be serious.

As a Westwood Massachusetts accident attorney, I would advise all people to get themselves to a hospital quickly, after any such motor vehicle accident, even if you feel that your injuries are not serious. This applies to car crashes, as well as pedestrian-car accidents. In many instances, people suffer from such accidents immediately in the days afterward, and it’s important to have medical records from a hospital that can document your personal injury accident. If you have a smart phone or cellphone with you, it is also wise to have someone take pictures of you and any injuries, especially if you are placed on a stretcher or put into a neck brace.