Massachusetts Distracted Driving Accidents: This Kind of Stupidity is Global

I’ve blogged here repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving. So today’s post isn’t so much about the inherent and obvious dangers of texting and driving – or phoning and driving – or web surfing and driving – or any form of distracted driving. For anyone who still doesn’t get it, those dangers are OBVIOUS, and I don’t need to restate them here.

No, today’s post is about arrogance and shallowness and vapidness. And of how those far-too-prevalent personality characteristics pervade this world, even outside the United States. Click here to see a video story from the Huffington Post about this type of stupidity, from as far away as Australia. Note: If you can appreciate an impression of how a vapid young woman talks, you’ll really like this.

Stunning, isn’t it? But unfortunately, not exactly unwitnessed here in the good ‘ol USA: As a Boston, Massachusetts distracted driving lawyer, I see the sad and tragic effects of distracted driving all the time. The injuries that result from Massachusetts distracted driving violations are very often extremely severe – occasionally resulting in death. Whether due to texting and driving, phoning and driving, or web surfing and driving, the effects of a ton of steel and glass hitting someone else remain the same.

The message, once more: Use your head, and get OFF the (not so smart) phone.