Lowell Car-Pedestrian Accident Results In Death

As a Norfolk County car-pedestrian accident attorney, I can tell you this for sure: while experiencing a Massachusetts car-to-car accident is always awful, there’s something even worse: a Massachusetts car-pedestrian accident. That is when a pedestrian is hit by a two-ton steel vehicle, and that person does not have the benefit of a car seatbelt or airbag to protect him or her.

Any pedestrian who is hit by a car is typically going to undergo serious injuries. Most victims, if they are not killed instantly, wind up with severe cuts and lacerations, broken bones, bleeding and bruising.

Car-pedestrian accidents most frequently occur in streets, parking lots and intersections.

Case in point: this past week in Lowell, Massachusetts, a pedestrian was fatally struck by a car. It occurred at the intersection of Andover and High Streets. The case is currently under investigation.

In terms of this Lowell car-pedestrian accident, bear in mind that the liability that occurs in pedestrian crosswalks can be very complicated and difficult for the average person to understand and interpret. In general, pedestrians almost always have the right-of-way when they are crossing the street in a crosswalk, or in a crosswalk when the “Walk” sign is flashing. Many factors come into play in determining who is at fault; these include the traffic-light sequence, signage, and – believe it or not – the color of the clothing the pedestrian was wearing at the time of the accident.

If you ever find yourself in a car-pedestrian accident, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself. Ask someone to take a picture of you there at the scene of the accident, with your cellphone camera, as this will assure preservation of evidence. Obtain the contact info for all witnesses, and exchange contact information and insurance information with the driver who hit you.

Also, be aware that insurance companies can be clever. They just might send an insurance representative to your home to ask you for information. DO NOT under any circumstances speak to the insurance company, until AFTER you have hired a Dedham, Massachusetts car accident lawyer and have conferenced with him or her about your case.