Fall In Massachusetts: Nice, Just Don’t Slip and Fall on Wet Leaves

So many people love the Fall season. I’m just not one of them. For many people, it’s a time for apple-picking, football games, Halloween and clean, crisp air. For me, it’s a time for longing the warm summer air and beach days that have left us. It’s also the season for leaf-peeping, which here in Massachusetts, people do in droves.

But did you know that autumn leaves, while beautiful, can pose a threat and can precipitate a Massachusetts slip and fall injury? “Fall” is the operative word here. Think about it: Dew falls during the nights and mornings, and it rests on leaves that have fallen everywhere. Aside from dew, rain also can pour down on leaves. The result? Moist leaves that are as slippery as a banana peel – or a sheet of ice, in winter. People certainly know how dangerous snow and ice are, but are probably not as familiar with how dangerous wet leaves can be. A Massachusetts slip and fall injury caused by simply wet leaves can be very serious.

Wet leaves can pose a problem at private homes — especially on walking surfaces like driveways, stairs and porches. At public places and at businesses, wet leaves that are not raked away or that simply pile up can be very dangerous, at entrances and exits, and on stairwells. One false move, and you’re on the ground with a broken wrist, a twisted ankle, or far worse – and when and where you least expected it. If that happens, you will need a Boston slip and fall attorney.

When slip and fall injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence – such as by someone not raking their leaves, or letting wet leaves pile up by an entrance, for example — you as the victim deserve to be compensated for your physical pain and suffering, as well as economic harm the injury has caused you. You could very possibly find yourself with large hospital bills, and may need to take time off from work so that your injuries can heal. As a Boston personal injury attorney, I can assure you that you do not have to become victimized by these events, without legal recourse. Under Massachusetts law, you have legal rights when you are injured due to someone else’s negligence. A Massachusetts slip and fall injury that is caused by wet leaves falls under the heading of “premises liability,” and an experienced Massachusetts injury attorney can help you obtain the financial damages you deserve.