Cape Cod Cyclist Hit By Truck on Bourne Bridge

Whenever I’m in my car, and I see bicyclists on the road, I shudder. They invariably share the roadway with we drivers, and it’s always scary to pass them, because you never know when they might lose control of their bike and suffer a serious personal injury. Cyclists just seem so vulnerable out there, in the middle of the street.

This is exactly what happened this past week on the Bourne Bridge, where everyone should practice the utmost safety, both drivers and cyclists alike. Early Monday morning, a 56-year-old man was riding his bike on the bridge, when apparently, at the crown of the bridge, wind gusts are thought to have forced him to lose control of his bicycle. He fell into the path of a tractor trailer coming from the opposite direction, and was hit by the truck. Lucky for him, he did not die, because the majority of truck-bike accidents produce often fatal injuries. The cyclist did, however, suffer a serious injury from the Massachusetts bicycle-truck accident.

As a Boston motor vehicle accident attorney, I urge all cyclists and all drivers to always proceed with caution, lest you suffer an extremely serious injury. Cyclists should always wear bright, reflective clothing. At night, easily visible lights and flashers should be both on the bike and the rider.