Boston Bus Accident On Soldiers Field Road Injures Several

Here’s a breaking news story illustrating how bus accidents are anything but rare: A private (non-MBTA) bus apparently tried to squeeze under an overpass on Soldiers’ Field Road in Brighton, near the intersection with Western Avenue, and didn’t make it: Apparently, the bus was too high, and its roof collided with the overpass.

It’s been reported that a total of 33 people have been injured, with four of those injuries serious enough to require emergency transport to four separate Boston-area hospitals. Hopefully, there aren’t any fatalities involved. 28 other, less seriously injured passengers were being transported by MBTA bus to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital.

As a Boston Bus Accident Lawyer, I’ve seen more than one bus accident that results from the bus being unable to successfully pass under a bridge or railroad overpass. Common sense would dictate that underpasses should be uniformly at least a minimum number of feet and inches high, and that buses, trucks and other large vehicles uniformly cannot be higher or taller than set maximum number of feet and inches. There are commonly signs posted at the entrance to an underpass that post the maximum clearance height of the underpass, but let’s be real: Does anyone think that the average bus or truck driver knows exactly how tall his vehicle is, to the inch? All it takes is one or two inches to cause a collision that can result in very serious injuries.

The bus in this accident appears to be either owned or operated by the Calvary Coach company. It’s been reported that a spokesperson for the company could not be reached yet. Who’s responsible for this accident? As a Boston Bus-Overpass Accident Lawyer, I can advise from experience that producing that answer will take investigation and litigation – which, I can also assure you, will start soon.