Man Killed in Boston Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accident on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, 2014. A time when families and friends gather to celebrate the blessings they have, and to give and receive gifts. A time of warmth, hope, and ideally happiness.

Yet tragedy knows no holiday. And tragically, earlier today in East Boston, a man was killed in a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident. You can read an initial news report of the tragedy, filed by CBS4 Boston (WBZ-TV,) by clicking here.

How awfully sad. While the victim’s identity hasn’t yet been released, all that you need to know is that he was somebody’s someone: Somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, somebody’s husband, somebody’s friend. Killed in a Boston pedestrian-car accident, on Christmas Eve. As a Massachusetts pedestrian-motor vehicle accident attorney, I see far too many of these types of accidents. They are almost always very serious, given the obvious reality that when a pedestrian is struck by a 2,000 lb. vehicle, terrible injuries are likely to result. My plea, yet once again, to anyone with a driver’s license: Watch what you are doing when you’re driving. Do NOT text and drive – do NOT engage in distracting conversation with anyone else in the car, kids or adults. Do NOT read your email. PUT DOWN that cell phone.

Or the next story about someone being killed or seriously injured in a Massachusetts pedestrian-car accident, may mention your name as the deceased. Worse still? You may be the one who lives – and you will carry the guilt of killing someone accidentally, for the rest of your life.