Dorchester, Massachusetts Car Accident Kills Three

As a Boston car accident attorney, I’m always saddened to hear about yet another death due to a car accident, especially one that has taken the life of three young people.

Another tragedy happened this past Tuesday morning at approximately 4:30 AM on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester.

Two young men, and a young woman, all from Neponset, were in an automobile that left the road between two sections of the guardrail, then went up an embankment, before it rolled over and landed on its roof. The three occupants of the car – 19-year-old Samatha Pinson, 19-year old Paul Reagan, and 20-year-old John Carter – were trapped in the car and had to be rescued by the fire department. Paul Reagan and John Carter died at the scene, and Ms. Pinson was later pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

The State Police reported that the three occupants were not wearing seat belts, and there was no evidence of alcohol in the car. They had reportedly just left a party on Minot Street in Dorchester. As a Boston, Massachusetts injury lawyer, I have seen too many of these accidents. Worse, when the injuries and/or fatalities result from a one-car accident such as this, insurance recoveries can be limited, as there is no “other driver” to sue. While financial recoveries can never replace a loved one, the absence of this option often only compunds the surviving family’s difficulties. Sometimes, there are legal avenues and mechanisms to surmount this problem, but it takes a very talented Massachusetts one-car accident lawyer to do so.

My sympathies go out to these families. If readers can take anything from this post, it is this: Always be extremely careful when driving. Always use seatbelts, and do not use text or use a phone when driving. And when you’re not watching your own driving, watch everyone else’s.