Boston Center Garage Collapse

Reports tonight of a construction worker death in partial collapse of a Boston Government Center garage.  Yet one more awful example of just how dangerous construction site jobs are.  Prayers to the family of the victim.  A lawsuit will certainly follow here, and I hope the family is guided by the best legal talent that they can find.  As  a Boston construction site fatality attorney, I know how these cases “go”, and they demand the best legal talent available, or the victims’ families suffer even more.

Update:  Just learned that the name of the victim is Peter Monsini,  He had apparently been a construction worker for more than 20 years, and was the father to a teenage son.

This is a typically awful story – construction site fatalities always are.  This may sound insensitive, but in fact it’s the very opposite:  As soon as Mr. Monsini’s family can possibly can muster their strength, they must recover their clear-thinking, and take the critical steps needed to hire the “right” law firm for the wrongful death lawsuit that will follow here.   The “right” Boston construction accident law firm for a case like this, is not one that has handled just “a few” of these cases.  They will need to speak with a construction site death law firm that can prove that they have handled many of these death cases – and , most importantly, that they can prove that they won those cases, securing the highest financial damages possible for the victim’s family. 

This is critically important, because it is the family that will need these financial damages to support them, many years into the future.  Making the “wrong” choice at a time like this can potentially cost the family millions in the legal battle that will surely follow here.   Making the “best” choice in their lawyers, will at least bring them confidence and comfort, knowing they did the best that they could with this critically important decision.

I know how these cases are handled.  I’d be glad to speak with the family, when they are ready.  Right now, I am sure they are surrounded by their grief – and hopefully, each other.

My prayers to this family.