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I’ve remarked more than once to my friends and colleagues that, watching just a few of the 20-plus Republican Party primary debates these past few months, there were times that I honestly didn’t know if I was watching a skit from Saturday Night Live. (I mean that.) So pathetically laughable, shallow, and completely filled with […]

Too often within the escalating debate over “tort reform“, the facts take a distant back seat to ever more shrill demagoguery. It seems that all we ever hear from proponents of tort reform, and their Republican lapdogs in Congress and in State Houses across the country, are noxiously recycled claims that liability insurance premiums are […]

In my previous posts on this multi-part subject of tort reform, I discussed what tort reform is, who is behind it, and what it would do to the average Massachusetts citizen, in taking away your legal right to recover for injuries you’ve suffered because of someone else’s negligence. Now I’ll address the twisted story of […]

In my previous post on this topic – “tort reform” – I explained how and where the misinformation campaign of tort reform was developed: the liability insurance industry. I also explained that this campaign has been so successful, that a national bar association that has existed for over 60 years, the Association of Trial Lawyers […]

In my previous post on this subject, I noted how President Barack Obama had raised the subject of “medical malpractice reform” in his State of The Union speech last week, and of how a Massachusetts medical malpractice case that just settled this week, illustrates how severe and unjust typical “tort reform” measures would have been […]

In my previous post on this story, I wrote of the recent, horrific death of a 2 year old boy killed in an alligator attack at Walt Disney World in Florida.  Specifically, I discussed that Disney had more than adequate reason to know that guests and visitors to their “Polynesian Village” attraction there were at […]

Readers of this blog know that I’ve written previously about the dangers associated with defective hip implants. Most of these dangers arise from very small metal fragments in these hip implants, some microscopic, which are absorbed into a patients’ bloodstreams. These metal fragments can migrate into surrounding tissues and eventually into the bloodstream, due to […]

A few days ago, I posted on the subject of a Massachusetts dangerous products lawsuit involving an inflatable swimming pool slide and Toys R Us, where almost $21 million was awarded in 2006 by a Massachusetts jury to the family of a woman killed in an accident due to this defective product. Very recently, Toys […]

Here’s even more evidence that justice can still be achieved in this day and age, when one small family takes on a huge corporation, whose negligence caused them devastating harm. This week, the family of a little girl in Plymouth, Massachusetts who was devastatingly injured in 2003 due to taking Children’s Motrin, was awarded $63 […]

As a Quincy, Massachusetts car accident lawyer, I see too many injuries resulting from car accidents. By “car accidents,” I mean all kinds of motor vehicle accidents, including SUV’s and vans. Some are Massachusetts pedestrian-car accidents, some are bicycle-car accidents, and some are car-truck accidents. But regardless of the type, these accidents can be devastating […]