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I’ve blogged previously on the topic of the potential dangers of “energy” drinks. Still, seemingly every supermarket I shop in these days, I see these drinks proliferating left & right. Without doubt, these drinks and similar products can potentially injure you. Very high levels of caffeine can cause serious health problems such as cardiac arrhythmias […]

My wife and I were watching an episode of the hit show Shark Tank on TV a few weeks ago, when we were shocked to see an entrepreneur’s latest offering: pancakes ladled with caffeine, so you could have your sugar and caffeine in one easy fix, no coffee required. As a Boston product liability lawyer, […]

Energy drinks seem to be on the shelves everywhere in the past few years. I’ve always looked at these products with great skepticism – not about their ability to turn the average person into someone who has just stuck his finger into an electrical outlet – but skeptical as to their safety. I always felt […]