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In a previous post, I wrote of state & federal government agencies that family members can report suspected cases of Massachusetts nursing home neglect or abuse to.  While you can & should copy the contact information for several agencies that are outlined in that previous post, I don’t want readers to get a false sense of […]

In my previous post on this subject, I wrote of the disturbing trend of out-of-state corporations buying up smaller and struggling Massachusetts nursing homes – with extremely disturbing – not to mention unconscionable – results. One particularly egregious example of this new practice is found with a New Jersey and Florida company called Synergy Health […]

File this case under “Be careful what nursing home you choose for your loved ones.” Here’s the story. An 82-year-old woman, who was confined to a wheelchair, and also had advanced dementia and impaired decision-making abilities, was admitted to a nursing home for care. While there, staff members became increasingly suspicious that the woman was […]

Nursing home abuse and neglect is, tragically, still a “dirty little secret” for most of society. While public consciousness has been raised in the past two decades due to the efforts of plaintiffs’ tort lawyers and brave families, I don’t think enough people, or enough media, truly appreciate just how pervasive this problem really is. […]

I’ve warned my clients, friends, and readers of this blog in previous posts several times, but I know that I can’t say it enough, so I’ll say it again in today’s post:  If you believe that your loved one in a Massachusetts nursing home, Massachusetts nursing care facility, Massachusetts long-term care facility or “Massachusetts Memory […]

For anyone who reads this blog, it’s no secret that I’m passionate about protecting the rights of elders and sick, disabled people in Massachusetts nursing homes and extended care facilities.  Today’s post is Part Three of three recent posts I’ve dedicated to this subject, and it will outline the typical warning signs of nursing home […]

In my immediately previous post, I wrote of the steps that family members must take on their own, to assure that their loved one in a Massachusetts nursing home or extended care nursing facility is well cared for.  If you haven’t read that post yet, I’d suggest that you take a look at it.  Family […]

As a Boston injury lawyer, there’s one thing I cannot stomach or tolerate, and that’s the abuse or neglect of a patient in a nursing home, or “skilled nursing facility.” Most people I know dread the thought of visiting the majority of these places – and with good reason: Unless the facility is one of […]

There was a recent case settlement involving Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse, which should serve as a cautionary warning to anyone who has a loved one living in a nursing home anywhere. It isn’t a pretty story. A woman was admitted to a Massachusetts nursing home in August of 2004. Two months later, she […]

If you have placed someone that you love in a nursing home, signed a healthcare proxy on their behalf, and later decide you want to sue in court for Massachusetts nursing home abuse , or file a Massachusetts wrongful death suit, this blog post is for you. That’s because many Massachusetts nursing home contracts require […]